About OneRoof (Beta)

Thanks so much!

We're still getting set up!

A lot of features are going to come out, very quickly. What matters is that your memories are safe: transcripts of anything you've talked about aren't going anywhere, even as we move things around.

How to use OneRoof

Step 1: Add family information!

To start out with, go to the "Family" tab and add information about your family. Why? When you record an interview, a digital interviewer will be asking followup questions to help fill out details. Eventually the interviewer will be able to recall past memories you've talked about as well!

Step 2: Tell us a memory!

After that, just start recording memories! We know that telling a story is hard, but don't worry! Talk it through however you want. The digital interviewer will try to fill out details and ask followup questions so you don't have to do all the heavy lifting. Imagine you have an autobiographer chatting with you in a comfortable environment. Once you are done, you can add some photos to complete the memory.

Step 3: We do the rest!!

First, we go through and analyze the memory you just recorded and automatically tag key information such as "Who was in this memory?" "What happened?" and "How personal was this memory?" Then we make a quick summary of your memory. You can use it to help remind yourself what happened years down the line... Or you can share it with friends and family to pique their interest and keep them informed -- it won't be the full story, they'll still want to hear YOU tell it, but it'll be enough to make family members feel more connected.

Step 4: Share!

Coming soon, we'll be generating weekly newsletters to recap your week. The newsletters will be sent to whomever you want. You'll also be able to specify different rules for sharing with different people. Is your aunt squeamish about hospitals? Does your brother only want to hear funny stories? We do all of this automatically for you!